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8am... can't sleep...

2009-01-30 11:20:00 by NickSandwich

zzzZzzzZzzzzZzzzzZzzzzZzzzzZzzzzZzzzzz ZzzzzZzzzzZzzz


2008-12-27 17:42:12 by NickSandwich

So.. I pretty much suck at finishing songs. Instead of finishing the New Update0.2 one, I've started working on about 4 or so new ones instead lol. They're all about half finished, and I wonder if they will ever be completely done...

Hope you all had a merry x-mas. Mine was pretty sweet. I got pretty much everything I asked for (except for the ridiculously expensive music equipment I want but meh) so yeah I'm happy ^^.

Also, for any of you with PSPs, I just acquired a copy of the japanese version of FF: Dissidia. I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but the reviews sound fairly promising. I've crossed my fingers and I really hope it's not like that shitty Energeiz(sp?) game for PS. That game SUCKED lol.

Anyways, It's almost 3pm and I just got my lazy bum out of bed a few minutes ago, so I'm off to start the day!

Happy New Years!

Also one more sorta new thing: I have my own official Facebook page now!! You can add me here dwich/39672756299

I know! I know!

2008-11-27 20:39:01 by NickSandwich

Alright, I know I said I'd have that song finished and uploaded by the end of the week, and it's almost the end of the next week, so where the hell's the song? Well, I assure you, it's coming.

I haven't been as inspired lately, so things aren't going as smoothly as I'd like. I'll sit down and spend hours working on something, and in the end just decide that I don't like it or that it doesn't mix with the rest of the song. Do any other musicians out there have this problem, where if you don't finish a song in one session, it almost always ends up in a giant stash of 'unfinished works' somewhere? I'm determined to overcome this shit, but it's not going very easily =S.

I broke a string on my violin. Booo! Do you have any idea how expensive violin strings can be? I didn't.
I went to the downtown Tom Lee on Granville to buy a new set, and take a look around, and I tell the girl behind the counter what I need. And she presents my options to me. A SINGLE SET of good quality violin strings (that's four strings, two less than your standard guitar, and not nearly as long) goes for ~$90 cdn!!! I bought TWO sets of sweet-ass heavy wound guitar strings for $25 on eBay!
Anyways, needless to say, my broke ass went home and bought cheap ones (on eBay<3) for $10 =p.

First blog post... ever

2008-11-14 19:30:33 by NickSandwich

Hey all!

So this is pretty much my first blog post ever. I've never been that into it before, but, I figure I'll give it a shot.

I finally got my amp back from the shop the other day! $200 later, old broken part is now shiny new part, and now I can crank the shit without it sounding like complete ass! This is good news for all you metal fans, as I have three really sweet tracks in the works that I previously refused to finish due to shitty guitarness. For those of you checking here often, one of them was the metal19-temp track that was posted last week (now deleted).

Anyways, I should have a new song out in the next few days, so keep an eye out!
It will be metal, it will be heavy, and it will rock your socks off!